Choosing Toeless Pantyhose for those Amazing Legs

A woman’s legs are amazing things. These get her to places, kick some butt, and engage in major flirting, according to her whim and will. It is just right to clothe these in the finest open toe hosiery.

Toeless pantyhose offer a comfortable pantyhose alternative for women who want to look good and feel comfortable as well. There are several toeless pantyhose in the market, and you can even order them online. While buying them off the rack is tricky enough as it is (it’s not like you can try them on), online shopping for these pantyhose may pose more problems.

Here’s a rundown of what you should look for in buying toeless pantyhose:

Size: In determining the hosiery size, it’s important to need to measure one’s height, weight, and how one’s thighs compare, given the height and weight. Pantyhose packaging comes with a size chart that can help determine if the size needed is small, medium, large or extra large. Select the height in the vertical column and then the weight in the horizontal column. The intersection is supposed to be the hosiery size but consider how the thighs really are based on the height and weight. If you think your legs are too skinny or are bigger than those of others in your size, then get a size smaller or larger.

Likewise, stay away from one-size-fits-all pantyhose. It’s impossible to fit everyone right, regardless of what they claim.

Material Blend: When buying toeless pantyhose, it’s essential to consider the materials used in making them. Cotton and wool pantyhose have long passed their time – but a few remain in the racks. They’re not really so bad but they are known to wear out fast.

These days, hosiery is made out of lycra or spandex. The more lycra is in the pantyhose, the more expensive it is. Lycra is a great material to have around the legs. They hug right (and can even have a massaging effect) and are comfortably soft and flexible. They also don’t wrinkle easily.

Note the percentage of lycra in the pantyhose. If the packaging says that it has somewhere between three to five percent lycra, it means that the material is only present in the waistband. Sheer pantyhose should have ten percent lycra. You might want to try those made out of the new lycra 3D, which makes even the sheer pantyhose highly elastic.

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