Make those Pantyhose Last!

Sandal socks and pantyhose are dress essentials found in the wardrobe of a lot of women (and some men). Taking care of them is important, especially with their delicateness. A wrong move can start a run and ruin the hosiery.

Check out these ways to make your pantyhose last longer

Use cotton gloves. You don’t have to wear these as part of your dress ensemble. Just use them when you put on your pantyhose. Gloves prevent fingernails from snagging onto the pantyhose and causing runs.

Have clear nail polish readily available for hosiery emergencies. Clear nail polish can prevent a small tear in your pantyhose from becoming a full blown run.

To increase the lifespan of pantyhose, from out of their package, wet them and gently squeeze the water out. Put these in a freezer bag and then allow to freeze for at least a day. Thaw, wash, and hang dry before using.

Always wash hosiery before using them for the first time. One can use the washing machine but keep the hosiery in a lingerie bag to protect them. Stick to mild detergents and fabric softeners. Fabric softeners can help maintain the shape of the pantyhose.

The dryer is a no-no. Always hang the hosiery to dry them. Don’t squeeze dry.

Get the right-size pantyhose. The correct size prevents any unnecessary tugging, which can lead to runs. Also, if one falls between sizes, get the bigger size. It’s the safer choice if one wants long lasting hosiery.

Toenails can cause snags and runs on your pantyhose. Keep them hygienic, trimmed, and filed.

When wearing your pantyhose, try the roll up and slide technique. Simply put, roll up your pantyhose and slide these over your legs.

Try the crotch-less variety. These require less handling and can be more comfortable.

Remember to take off bracelets, rings, and other jewelry when putting on hosiery,

Pantyhose with reinforced toes and reinforced crotches last longer than the flimsy ones. Likewise, they don’t look any different when worn. They may be a little more expensive but can be worth it.

Store the pantyhose away from bra hooks and clothing with lace edges. If possible, keep them protected in zip-lock bags.

Pantyhose are expensive accessories given their cost and typical life span. Always try to be meticulous about how you care for them. Remember that hosiery is made of sheer materials and a few mishandlings can mean a ruined pair.

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