Tips and Tidbits about Pantyhose

This piece of hosiery has remained curiosity items for a lot of people – mainly for their delicateness and amazing ability to change the look of one’s legs, from drab and blemished to awesome! To those new to the world of pantyhose, here are some interesting tips and tidbits:

One can tell the sheerness of the garment from its packaging. The pack would often say the denier or dtex range of the pantyhose it contains. Denier starts at three for the very thin and barely visible types, thirty for the semi-opaque pantyhose and seventy for the opaque kind. Deciding on the denier depends on what the user intends for the hosiery and the dress ensemble it’ll go with.

The Control Top feature of some pantyhose brands is made for people who want their hosiery and a slimmer figure at the same time. The panties of these pantyhose are reinforced so as to tighten its hug around the waist. The disadvantage of the Control Top is that it may make the user look like she is wearing shorts underneath her outfit.

The Sheer to Waist feature of some pantyhose brands means that the hosiery is thin around the waist so that no visible panty lines appear. This is a great feature for those intending to wear their pantyhose underneath a sheer high-slit gown and miniskirts.

Women who want more support on the top half of the hosiery can have single or double panel gussets included. The single type has two seams on one side, and one seam on the other. The double type has two seams on both sides. These features expands the panty area of the hosiery.

Surprisingly, even pantyhose get faked, especially the popular advertised brands. To keep away from the fake ones, purchase hosiery from specialty or reputable outlets only. Legitimate pantyhose are scented by their manufacturers so buyers can just open the packaging to check. If anything smells fishy, it might be fake pantyhose.

Good quality pantyhose have waistband that are between one and two inches thick. These also have packed bottoms at the toes to prevent holes after a few uses.

Pantyhose have a place in a busy businesswoman’s life. These women can turn to this hosiery to complete their corporate look. In choosing pantyhose color, they should get neutral colors that match the color of their skirts. During summer, thin and textured pantyhose work best. For winter, darker and thicker ones are more fitting.

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