The Truth About Lycra Pantyhose

Modern day pantyhose are often made with Lycra. Lycra is a trademark product of Invista, which used to be known as DuPont. Spandex is actually the generic name of Lycra. Spandex is also known as elastane, which is an elastic synthetic fiber. This material is said to be strong and more long lasting than rubber.

Lycra or spandex in pantyhose has led to many misconceptions about its effects on the hosiery and the user. Here are some myths, with the truth explained.

Lycra makes pantyhose or open toe hosiery too tight and restricts a woman’s movements.

Truth: Pantyhose from reputable manufacturers incorporate Lycra in their material blend in the correct manner. If done right, Lycra will even make pantyhose fit better. It enables the hosiery to take the form of the legs. One minor issue here is that the user should buy pantyhose that fit. If the pantyhose are too small, then for sure, the user will feel constricted.

Lycra pantyhose are too hot to wear during summer.

Truth: The insulation provided by pantyhose depends on the whole material blend and the thickness of the hosiery. Lycra alone is not the culprit. Warm pantyhose would most likely be made of wool or cotton and a little bit of Lycra. Sheer ones can also be made of Lycra but along with thinner fabric.

Lycra makes pantyhose shiny and shimmery.

Truth: The shimmer in pantyhose is because of the nylon fibers used, not the Lycra. Pantyhose can come in various ranges of shimmer, or it can have a matte look.

Lycra is stretchable material so smaller sized pantyhose should be purchased.

Truth: Lycra always shrinks back to its original size. The stretchability it provides to the hosiery is for the hose to adjust to the form of the legs. Lycra also enables the pantyhose to adjust to the legs every movement without causing discomfort or needing readjustment. Besides, if smaller sized pantyhose are abused and stretched beyond the allowable limits, their durability is compromised. It is also uncomfortable for the user to wear an overstretched pair of hosiery.

Lycra makes pantyhose expensive.

Truth: The overall make of the pantyhose determines their cost. This includes the different fibers used in the material blend, the trimmings on the pantyhose, the manufacturing costs, and the packaging. Advertising also adds to the cost of the product.

Lycra is just spandex with a nicer name.

Truth: Spandex is the generic name of Lycra. However, not all spandex are created equally. The plus side of the Lycra brand of spandex is the quality control put in the product. Manufacturers of garments using Lycra are required to follow guidelines set by Invista, Lycra’s manufacturer.

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