Pantyhose: The Good and The Bad

Many have argued the need in wearing pantyhose. It seems inconvenient to try to cover up the legs with this piece of hosiery. If one wants cover, why not just wear pants? Is wearing the pantyhose just the dictates of a male-centric society that puts more value on smooth attractive legs than a woman’s brain? But whoa – in modern times like ours, pantyhose issues need not get political. There are obvious advantages and disadvantages to this maligned piece of hosiery.

The foremost advantage, of course, is that pantyhose can make legs stand out and look great. They mask bruises, blemishes, and scars; and can tame down hair stubbles and varicose veins. This gives the user the freedom in the outfits she can wear. Regardless of the state of her legs, she can opt to wear leg-baring skirts and look great in it. In the same way, the color tone of pantyhose can create illusions or highlight the positives in one’s legs. Dark toned hosiery can make legs look slimmer and sleek.

Another advantage with pantyhose is their insulating effect. This piece of hosiery can be a fashion dream come true on cool days. Some women may feel discouraged from wearing skirt outfits during chilly days because of the cold. Thick pantyhose offer an alternative that allows them to mix in their favorite skirts in their daily dress ensemble. The quick drying variety is practical for cool and wet locales.

A health plus with pantyhose is the support it offers the legs. This helps in blood circulation, and is particularly beneficial to those who work standing up. This can keep them from having varicose veins, and leg and back pains. Support pantyhose would usually contain about 30% Lycra. This elastic material hugs the body, and tightens the core and the butt. Tightening prevents the sagging of rounded body parts, which is also a good way to keep off cellulite. A variety of pantyhose claims some massaging effect. These pantyhose are made of special netting that stimulate blood circulation, and reduces puffiness and fatigue. These types would say “Massage” in the package.

A disadvantage of pantyhose has something to do with its delicate nature. Pantyhose somehow limit the movements of women and require them to move about carefully. They cannot just go about bumping into rough edged things like desks, cars, and grocery items. However, pantyhose continue to serve as important items in a woman’s wardrobe.

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