Shopping for the perfect Toeless Pantyhose

Toeless pantyhose are extremely popular during hot summer days, when a lot of women prefer
to go around in open toe sandals. Toeless pantyhose give them the freedom to wear their
favorite leg-baring outfits, with open toe sandals, and great legs highlighted by sheer
toeless hosiery.

There are many well-known brands that sell toeless pantyhose in different colors, sizes, styles, and designs. Because of such various options, it can sometimes get confusing when choosing the right type of pantyhose for a specific outfit or look. Here are some features to be considereds when looking for the perfect toeless pantyhose:


It’s best to get toeless pantyhose in different shades. Toeless pantyhose are available in various shades such as black, nude, gray, etc. Having several pairs of toeless pantyhose in different shades can mean that there’s a perfect pair for a short skirt, an office attire, and a summer dress.

Material Blend

Because the material blend can sometimes dictate the durability of toeless pantyhose, stick to those made of lycra or other durable materials. Make sure that the material blends are indicated on the packaging of the pantyhose. When shopping online, look for sites that offer products with well-labeled descriptions.


Some toeless pantyhose and open-toe stockings have a thong strap to keep them in place. For pantyhose that have a tighter grip, those with a thong strap can offer more security. And because these thong straps are quite thin, they won’t be visible even when wearing open-toed sandals or any type of open-toed shoes.

Several specialty stores and department stores sell toeless pantyhose and sheer leggings. One can just drop by these outlets to pick up a pair or two. Likewise, the online stocking market is booming with stores offering these products. For both purchase venues, buyers need to make sure of their sizes first. A user’s size is computed by her height and weight. A chart is often located at the back of the packaging. Buyers need to factor in the uniqueness of their built, regardless of what the charts say. Some women of a certain height or weight may have skinnier or bigger legs than others of the same height and weight. Women in between sizes should get toeless pantyhose that are a size bigger. Online shoppers need to be extra aware of where they make a purchase also. They should stick to reputable sellers, with secure shopping cart systems and delivery assurance. Online sellers would usually have buyer security seals from online credit card processors.

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